From the outset, Target Impact has sought to disrupt the marketplace for the recruitment sector. I recall sitting down to write a list of what I thought were the most disliked aspects of recruiting and recruiters.  Research brought up recurring themes and issues that both candidates and employers held. ….the reasons why recruitment has a bad rep!

When setting up this business in 2020, I made sure that I would make it my aim to answer those issues and, in effect, become a disrupter of the market for talent onboarding. To be the opposite of what you dislike about 3rd party talent resourcing.


I felt that executive search was the route to go as I didn’t want to have reams of resumes filling my coffers; left unanswered, unloved and unattended. One only requests a candidates resume when there was a role to put them forward to and only after I have spoken to them. The search for the client is focused, and all energy is centred on finding the right talent for a role instead of an open invitation to apply, where volumes of resumes need to be processed for roles that they may or may not ever be suited to.

For Who?

For the client,  this is good news as it means that all pertinent talent is considered, not only those who seek a new role (active candidates) but those who are in a similar role and remain open to but not actively considering a change (passive).

As I continue to serve the market, I receive and need to answer your questions about Target Impact and how we operate and its suitability for you as a client or a candidate. This section aims to be candid in answering those questions you need answers for.

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Target Impact charges 21% of the candidate package for each candidate it places on a retained search provision and an 18% rate on contingency engagements (including probation guarantee).  We have nothing to hide in our pricing. We ensure value and frictionless engagement throughout the process. Our goal is to sustain long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. Our good reputation depends on it.

At Target Impact, we ensure maximum candidate retention through several processes that begin even before any candidate is contacted . Getting this right from the outset ensures that all stakeholders agree with the criteria and KPIs for the role.  

In effect, there will be no surprises in the middle of probation or six months in.  

We use  a process with:

  • a culture of transparency 
  • candidate nurturing 
  • education and training.  

 Multiple touchpoints throughout the onboarding cycle:  

  • probation  
  • the  setting of  KPIs  
  • consistent, fair and honest feedback  
  • agreed goals 
  • ongoing monitoring   
  • an honest appraisal at known milestones. 

We also ensure the candidate has a warm, welcoming experience and a progressive career path. But most of all, we help the client ensure that this remains as company policy.

At Target Impact, we are firmly in the corner of the idea of psychological safety in the workplace

During the engagement, Target Impact offers 100% transparency and accountability to the client for all activities (in real-time access) associated with onboarding candidates. We want to minimise risk in hiring. You may “jump in” to the engagement and get involved as you see fit. (If it suits you better, we are happy to provide you with the shortlist and let you run with some of your own in-house screening). 

We believe the risk is mitigated by sharing while still directing the process. 

We engage in extensive list exercises to minimise risks; 

Telephone/video screening 

Face-to-face screening 

Asynchronous interviews  

3rd party suitability testing (on request)

Personal or 3rd party reference checks  

Competency-based interview benchmarking /candidate ranking systems 

3rd party SaaS performance monitoring (on request).


Nobody wants to have to repeat the process prematurely.

Our processes are transparent, organised and interactive. We want nothing left to chance and for all stakeholders to read from the same process flow. Fundamentally, we represent everyone’s brand even before a candidate meets his /her potential employer, so Target Impact needs to deliver a comprehensive but frictionless process. The engagement of and consensus of the stakeholders will inevitably bear testimony to this through brand enhancement. We remain cognizant that it becomes much easier to attract talent when the market offers good testimony to your efforts as an employer. So the plan is to start well (hiring process) and proceed in style (onboarding process).

Your brand is protected and enhanced by ensuring the engagement is executed effectively from the outset. This negates the requirement to repeat in the short term. Fundamentally, we represent your brand during the full engagement, and the stakeholders are those who will inevitably carry the flag for your company into the future. 

Brian McGlennon, Director of Target Impact, has over 25 years of experience in B2B sales. He has worked for software companies, fintech and large financial services, start-ups to large corporates.  In addition, he has developed experience in executive search for the sales sector in the UK and Australia. The marriage of Brian’s experience is manifested in Target Impact, where we practice within our specific knowledge domain and utilise our significant global reach for candidates and market mavens and connectors. The result is a wholesome and comprehensive consultative experience. 

We headhunt the candidate specifically for the role. We do not advertise roles openly nor do we harvest CVs. It’s a bespoke service tailored to address your needs. Target Impact serves its clients by:

(1) Crafting the role/ building the avatar of the perfect candidate for the client. It’s a collaborative approach to ensure the role is designed and fit for the company’s purpose.  

(2) Mapping the market for all available talent to develop a long talent list /pool. An exhaustive and extensive “search and find” process that delivers a long list of potential talent against focused Boolean search criteria to ensure that all talent is considered and matched.

(3) Screening this long list to a specific and focused short list of candidates. This includes technology and proven methodology to differentiate between candidates. The focus is to highlight technical experience, transferable skills and emotional intelligence. This combination directs us towards a short, eager and available list of candidates. 

(4) Onboarding the candidate while minimising risk for a hiring manager and maximising candidate retention. Nothing is left uncovered to ensure the engagement is productive and risk-free for all stakeholders  



At Target Impact, we stick with what we know. A lifetime of B2B Sales in Financial Markets, FinTech, RegTech and SaaS platforms for B2B salespeople, for a start. Having spent 10 years working for software companies, I can also assist in technology people either at the coalface or those who code for a living.