Supporting your career progression

At Target Impact, we concentrate on supporting your career progression through mentoring, resume refinement and interview preparation. We’re here to help your career progression through focused one on one interaction. We’ll assist you through the recruitment process and help you to become the best version of yourself.

We believe that every candidate should leave an interview without regret. You should feel confident that you’ve shown your best side. It’s important that interviews should be two-way discussions so you get to interview your employer too.

Sometimes not getting a role is a blessing as not every job is right for every candidate. It’s ok to be sad if you don’t get the offer but remember  “What’s for you won’t pass you by.” so don’t fret and try again!

We look after our candidates and we know someday you might be our client.

We’ll nurture you to achieve your next role.

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Supporting career progression through mentoring, resume refinement and interview preparation.


  • A discussion about your career to understand where you are now and how to get to your next goal.
  • We reflect on the KPIs required for career progression so we can highlight where best to emphasise your best attributes 
  • Address some of the harder questions that could get asked at an interview and formulate a strategy to answer them as it is always better to be prepared.

Resume refinement

  • We review and refine your resume, tailoring it to specific roles as it should change for every role you apply for.
  • Highlight how your Resume tells your story and highlights your transferable skills. If it doesn’t, we help you to make sure it does
  • Share cover letter templates (blind and role-specific) and approaches to your preferred employer as it’s important to consider how to get your resume read
  • We ensure your Resume aligns with the specific role requirements as the hiring manager needs to see certain attributes in the first 6 seconds of scanning your resume

Interview preparation

  • Pre-interview guidance and mindset 
  • Introduction to the competency-based interviews and how to be a S.T.A.R.
  • We’ll practice interviews and help you to address the most uncomfortable questions.
  • Assist you in you preparing your story and highlight your best self
  • We can record mock video interviews (so you can see what the interviewer’s going to see)
  • Provide post-interview feedback (what they liked and didn’t like and how to change for the better).

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