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Introduction to Target Impact and its founder

Brian McGlennon founded Target Impact in 2020.  He is a seasoned sales professional with 25 years of B2B experience in software, fintech and financial services. The organisation’s size; SME to large corporations in Ireland, The UK and Australia, offering Brian a varied market insight. 

Target Impact offers tailored executive search solutions. Its focus is on reducing hiring risk, delivering time and cost efficiencies while delivering the best candidates. As a B2B salesperson, Brian’s experience in recognising soft skills and emotional intelligence makes the difference when building out highly performant sales teams or any people at the coalface.

Our offering represents an alternative to traditional recruitment processes.  So we believe that our fresh modern approach ensures your organisation is best positioned to attract and maintain candidates. Candidates who match your hiring criteria and share your company culture.

The process we use for this has 4 stages; Profile Building, Market mapping, Screening and Onboarding. Target Impact delivers these  4 stages effectively during the course of your engagement while keeping a keen eye on your brand. We feel that the protection of the company brand is vital in attracting and maintaining stakeholder loyalty, so If that approach is right for you, let’s set up a meeting!

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