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Introduction to Target Impact and its Founder

Target Impact was founded in 2019 by Brian McGlennon, a seasoned sales professional with 25 years of B2B experience in software, fintech, and financial services.

The company specializes in providing tailored executive search solutions. It focuses on delivering comprehensive market search and screening services to reduce hiring risk while ensuring the on-time and cost-efficient delivery of the best candidates.

We excel in filling hard-to-find, niche, or critical positions. Brian’s extensive experience in B2B sales and client partnerships is crucial in building enduring relationships that consistently deliver results. Our approach represents an alternative to traditional recruitment processes. Our partnership approach ensures that your organization is best positioned to attract and retain candidates who match your hiring criteria and align with your company culture.

Our framework consists of four stages:

Profile Building, Market Mapping, Screening, and Onboarding.

The framework delivers in these stages effectively while safeguarding and promoting your brand. We strongly believe that protecting the company’s brand is vital in attracting and retaining stakeholder loyalty. If this approach resonates with you, we would be delighted to arrange a meeting! Set up a meeting!

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