Target Impact hiring process

We deliver the optimal talent onboarding solution by partnering with you to create a tailored hiring process. This approach includes profiling, mapping, screening and onboarding 

We have shaken up traditional hiring methods to ensure your organisation is best positioned to attract and maintain a candidate who matches your hiring criteria and company culture.

Our experienced people ensure the hiring process is frictionless by reducing hiring risk, which saves you time and delivers the best candidates for your role.

We want to build a long-term relationship with you, and to achieve this; we work in tandem with you to benefit your business.

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Our Hiring Process

Profile Building

This candidate  discovery phase is vital to your hiring process right, and it starts with;

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the role and why it has come about
  • Crafting the role into something meaningful and specifically for your business
  • Exploring and understanding your company objectives, market, sales process, values, brand and concerns
  • Developing a profile/avatar for the role to reflect these criteria to ensure a successful, long-lasting hire
  • Determining the financial package, training, development, accountability and the growth of the role.

Who’s available through our mapping exercise

We use extensive search criteria to find your candidate;

  • By assessing and comparing the candidate profile against all talent, those who are active job-seekers and passive candidates
  • We tap into a variety of sources to find your candidates, which include a large in-house network of national and international talent as well as tailored searches of appropriate channels – databases, commercial networks and more
  • Delivering transparency and accountability for the process and the flexibility to make changes as required.


Our approach is tailored to you  by

  • Defining the screening process according to your requirements and then making it known to all parties
  • Being clear on accountability, timing, stages, stakeholders, key deliverables, milestones and approval to ensure they run smoothly
  • Determining the appropriate level of your company’s branding and messaging through candidate communications during the engagement 
  • Deciding on the preferred interview platform (in person or online) for each role 
  • Formulating the style of interview (character or competency-based, one-to-one or panel)for each role 
  • Training the hiring manager in competency-based interview techniques and assessment where necessary to ensure best practice (at your request)
  • Focussing on candidate engagement and measuring the candidate’s enthusiasm throughout the selection process generates a positive experience through resignation, role acceptance and onboarding.
  • We aim for a positive experience for the unsuccessful candidates as it is important to protect the reputations of all stakeholders.
  • We manage references and feedback, noting only pertinent information to streamline events.
  • Considering third-party screening and testing resources (at your request)


Our onboarding process safeguards both client and candidate by

  • Focussing on your company’s brand as we believe that a thorough approach fosters a positive experience and strengthens cultural fit in a welcoming way
  • Delivering a digital guide to assist in career management (before the first day on the job) helps explain what they (the candidates)  can expect from the onboarding journey, paperwork, and other tasks and requirements.
  • Outlining and defining their first day, along with buddy systems, mentoring and training to help to make the candidate feel welcome
  • Promoting the use of CFR ( Conversations, Feedback & Recognition ), which is becoming the alternative to KPI’s
  • Celebrating key milestones along the way  helps the candidate to feel at home and empowered for success

Target Impact believes that psychological safety in the workplace is a vital ingredient and we encourage you to practice employee empowerment. We are confident that allowing the new employee to progress “safely” will benefit your organisation.  We aim to continually assist you in improving these processes to help you stay on track.  This consistency in approach extends to monitoring, tweaking and realignment but importantly in ongoing Conversations, Feedback and Recognition


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