What’s the difference between Target Impact and recruiters?

We headhunt the candidate specifically for the role. We do not advertise roles openly nor do we harvest CVs. It’s a bespoke service tailored to address your needs. Target Impact serves its clients by:

(1) Crafting the role/ building the avatar of the perfect candidate for the client. It’s a collaborative approach to ensure the role is designed and fit for the company’s purpose.  

(2) Mapping the market for all available talent to develop a long talent list /pool. An exhaustive and extensive “search and find” process that delivers a long list of potential talent against focused Boolean search criteria to ensure that all talent is considered and matched.

(3) Screening this long list to a specific and focused short list of candidates. This includes technology and proven methodology to differentiate between candidates. The focus is to highlight technical experience, transferable skills and emotional intelligence. This combination directs us towards a short, eager and available list of candidates. 

(4) Onboarding the candidate while minimising risk for a hiring manager and maximising candidate retention. Nothing is left uncovered to ensure the engagement is productive and risk-free for all stakeholders  



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