How do you maximise candidate retention?  

At Target Impact, we ensure maximum candidate retention through several processes that begin even before any candidate is contacted . Getting this right from the outset ensures that all stakeholders agree with the criteria and KPIs for the role.  

In effect, there will be no surprises in the middle of probation or six months in.  

We use  a process with:

  • a culture of transparency 
  • candidate nurturing 
  • education and training.  

 Multiple touchpoints throughout the onboarding cycle:  

  • probation  
  • the  setting of  KPIs  
  • consistent, fair and honest feedback  
  • agreed goals 
  • ongoing monitoring   
  • an honest appraisal at known milestones. 

We also ensure the candidate has a warm, welcoming experience and a progressive career path. But most of all, we help the client ensure that this remains as company policy.

At Target Impact, we are firmly in the corner of the idea of psychological safety in the workplace

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