How do you protect and enhance the brand of the clients and candidates?

Our processes are transparent, organised and interactive. We want nothing left to chance and for all stakeholders to read from the same process flow. Fundamentally, we represent everyone’s brand even before a candidate meets his /her potential employer, so Target Impact needs to deliver a comprehensive but frictionless process. The engagement of and consensus of the stakeholders will inevitably bear testimony to this through brand enhancement. We remain cognizant that it becomes much easier to attract talent when the market offers good testimony to your efforts as an employer. So the plan is to start well (hiring process) and proceed in style (onboarding process).

Your brand is protected and enhanced by ensuring the engagement is executed effectively from the outset. This negates the requirement to repeat in the short term. Fundamentally, we represent your brand during the full engagement, and the stakeholders are those who will inevitably carry the flag for your company into the future. 

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