How do you minimise risk of hiring the wrong person?

During the engagement, Target Impact offers 100% transparency and accountability to the client for all activities (in real-time access) associated with onboarding candidates. We want to minimise risk in hiring. You may “jump in” to the engagement and get involved as you see fit. (If it suits you better, we are happy to provide you with the shortlist and let you run with some of your own in-house screening). 

We believe the risk is mitigated by sharing while still directing the process. 

We engage in extensive list exercises to minimise risks; 

Telephone/video screening 

Face-to-face screening 

Asynchronous interviews  

3rd party suitability testing (on request)

Personal or 3rd party reference checks  

Competency-based interview benchmarking /candidate ranking systems 

3rd party SaaS performance monitoring (on request).


Nobody wants to have to repeat the process prematurely.

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